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A Dishwasher, or Kitchen Helper, is responsible for cleaning dishes in a food service environment to ensure that the kitchen has a steady supply of clean plates, bowls, silverware, pots, pans and glasses. Their duties include prioritizing loads of different types of crockery and kitchenware, hand-washing dishes, loading the dishwasher and placing dishes to dry.
Dishwasher Duties and Responsibilities
Washing dishes at a professional level is different than in your own kitchen. Many restaurants and facilities have large, commercial quality washers able to wash several trays of dishes quickly. Dishwashers unload the cutlery and dishes brought to the kitchen by Bussers while loading and organizing them into trays for the washer. Commercial dishwashers are not always able to accommodate larger pans and pots so they may occasionally need to be washed by hand.
In addition, they may be asked to assist with:
• Prep work
• Taking garbage and trash to dumpster area
• Washing work areas, refrigerators, cooking equipment, walls and floors
• Assembling, maintaining and breaking down the dish machine
• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds several times a day
• Ability to place cases, pans, utensils and plates on both low and high shelves
• Ability to work in hot and damp environments
• Ability to respond to emergency situations to avoid endangering themselves or others
• Help bartenders to stock bar area when needed